Black Braids Hairstyles Step By Step Tutorial


Everyone believes that it is hard to make black braids hairstyles because it is very dark naturally that stitches get merge in the color. It’s not easy to make stitches visible but with little effort and the use of accent can help improve the beauty of the style.

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I have been asked many times as which one braid can be knitted easily on black hair without ado and how long would it take. The nicest and simplest one braid is faux fishtail braid which can suit almost any hair type and it only takes few minutes to make it, you just need to learn how to work on three hair strands.


Things needed for making black braids hairstyles:

Bobby pins 1-4


Hair Curling machine or simple curlers for making waves


Tutorial on how to make black braids hairstyles

  1. This braid is suitable for long, luster hair which is black and sleek. Use curling machine to make some waves on the hair.  Before doing anything you need to brush your hair.
  2. Finger brush on the middle waves so they can become a part of the bottom waves.
  3. Now take one big hair sections from the side of the hair.  I prefer side swept partitions, you can opt for center partition if its suits your facial frame and features.
  4. Now divide this big section in three equal hair sections.
  5. Cross the right one over the top of middle hair section and then cross this right section under the third hair section.
  6. Upon completing this cross, you will get one nice stitch.
  7. Now repeat the process you will notice that your middle hair is getting thicker and thicker.
  8. Once you reach near the ear, stop the braid there.
  9. Secure the braid with an invisible band.
  10. Now use some bobby pins to position the braid with the waves and make sure it looks like part of all the waves you have created before.
  11. You can spritz some hair spray onto hair to make it look beautiful and nice.
  12. For a sleeker style, I add some beads into each stitch, and I usually do it for the parties. You can do it for casual events as well. Just in case you love some additional hair accents to be a part of normal styles.


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