Hair Care Products are Safe for Hair Treatments?


In the trade a whole range of hair care products is offered. To treatments of flushable treatments with different exposure times up to stay until the next shampooing the hair, the hair is almost unlimited.

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Viewed from the side effect, skin care products for brittle, dull hair, treatments for more fullness and volume, as well as hair care products for the so-called “normal” hair are available, who should protect them from damage. Also special treatments for curly or straight hair are available in abundance.

The boundaries of Hair Care

Limit for all hair care products:

A rejuvenation or revitalization of the hair is not possible. This is quite easy to understand. The hair itself is a keratinized protein substance that is actually dead mass and did not revived. The validity range of hair treatments refers to the cuticle of the hair. Damaged hair on the other hand has an open cuticle. This allows the hair comb matted worse, and are slightly dull and brittle. It is the task of hair treatments, close to the cuticle is open again and smooth out bumps.

Hair care – which one is right?

With hair conditioners and other hair care products you get shine, suppleness and richness of beautiful hair. Choosing the right product but here is less important than the proper handling of the care.

Here are some useful tips:


Less is more

Wear it on rather small amounts of hair treatment, and they focus more here on the lengths and ends. When applied to the scalp, skin care products can accelerate the oiliness of the hair.


Rinse, rinse, rinse

Hair treatments that are designed for rinsing should be rinsed after the contact is always very thorough. During the action takes the hair on the conditioners of the conditioner. What remains, and is not rinsed out well, makes the hair hard and takes both volume and shine.


Do not Mix

Intensive Treatment for rinsing; balm that stays in your hair and Spruhpflege as a finish at once is definitely too much of a good thing. The intensive treatment apply only once a week and the rest applied after every hair wash. If too much care applied at the same time, this in turn meant that the hair feeling heavy and dull and lackluster looks.

What is your hair care product for the best, you can find out by trial and easy. It is usually after one to two treatments with each product to see whether it achieves the desired effect. Or consult the next haircut. However, should be the motto: “No one knows her hair as well as yourself!”



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