Mid Length Hairstyles for Women Over 40


Mid length hairstyles are cuts that are anywhere belong the chin and above the breast line. These cuts are very pretty and are also very versatile. The classic ‘Rachel’ hair cut is a mid length hairstyles that look lovely on so many women because it frames their faces.  Many celebrities have mid length hairstyles because they can do so many things with it. One of the prettiest mid length styles is the style that has long layers that frame the face; this is the latest and most popular type of mid-length hair cuts.

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Who Looks Good in that Mid Length Hairstyles?

Teen Mid Length Hairstyles
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Many teens also love the look of mid length hairstyles. They simply have their hair cut straight and all one length. This style looks great on young girls and teens who have beautiful, pin straight hair. As women age, this style can look unprofessional, unless you can keep it looking flawless all day long. The style does look beautiful when hair is pulled into a chignon or a sleek ponytail, too.


Up Dos and French Braids

Updos French Mid Length Hairstyles
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One length mid length hairstyles can be turned into beautiful up dos. Mid length hairstyles also look great when it is styled with French braids, too. There are so many different looks that you can do with mid length hair, so you should be able to find something that looks fantastic on you.


Great for Every Hair Texture and Color

Mid Length Hairstyles Texture
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Every hair type and texture looks pretty with mid length hair. Curly hair can look full and luxurious with a mid length style and pin straight hair can, too. Mid length hair also looks great with high lights to accentuate your layers.


Grow Out Short Hair

Grow Up Mid Length Hairstyles
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If you have short hair and you want a mid length style, you will need to be patient and let your hair grow out. It might take more than a year, depending on how short your hair is, but when you are finished with the process, you will be pleased with the results. One of the biggest bonuses of mid length hairstyles is that if you do not like the style that you have, you can get a new one very easily because your hair will be long enough for a do-over.


Try on the Style with a Hair App

Mid Length Hairstyles
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Before you choose from the myriad of mid length hairstyles, you can try them on in a variety of places. You no longer have to go to wig shops to try on hair. Now you can do it online or even with your smart phone. There are apps at the best fashion websites and apps for your smartphones that allow you to upload a picture and try on the mid length hairstyles that you are considering.



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