Twisted Rope Braid Tutorial For Beginners


A twisted rope braid contains two twisted sections which overlap each other. The braid is very easy to make and try only if you know how to make chignons out of braid. There is nothing very tricky or very complicated because everything has been shown in the tutorial.

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Things needed for the twisted rope braid:

Rubber band
Hair gel to get rid of frizzy hair
Paddle brush to straighten the hair

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Tutorial on twisted rope braid:

  1. First of all, Begin by preparing your hair, for you must shampoo it and condition it before the style.
  2. A lot of women use hair straightening machine to get rid of frizz, you need to use the gel only. It’s not good to expose your hair to heating machine on regular basis. What I usually do is, I apply the gel, let it settle in the hair and then use the brush to get the tangles out of hair.
  3. If your hair is very dull and very rough you might want to opt for protein therapy first.
  4. Brush your hair well and tie it in a nice high ponytail first.
  5. Now divide the hair in two equal sized hair sections.
  6. Make a twist on the right hair section. Similarly, make another one on the left hair section.
  7. Make twist both sections onto each other and you will get one rope liked braid.
  8. All you need to do at this point it wrap up the twisted braid into a nice hair do or bun.
  9. Pick up the hair and start wrapping the twist around the ponytail.
  10. If hair is too tight or the twists are stretched, you need to take out few hair strands here and there to get some rings or chignons. Remember that the twisted rope braid does not need to be very tight or very loose, in either way it would appear to be messed up. Just be gentle when you make some rings out of some stitches in the twist.




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