Vitamin D Deficiency Hair Loss Prevent and Hair Grow Naturally


Long and beautiful hair is not just a sign of great beauty, but of great health. If you are facing vitamin D deficiency hair loss, then none is better than relying on vitamins. Before considering on vitamin d deficiency, we discussed on all vitamins who are cause for hair loss. The following are the top 6 vitamins to make your hair grow.

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How to Get Rid of Vitamin D Deficiency Hair Loss


Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for general health, particularly bones. It helps absorb calcium, which is helpful to hair follicles and the scalp. Furthermore, it helps regulate blood circulation which is helpful to get rid of Vitamin D Deficiency Hair Loss. An adequate supply of Vitamin D can be synthesized by the body from cholesterol on exposure to sunlight. Among dietary sources, Vitamin D can be found in alfalfa, mushrooms, catfish, salmon, sardines, tuna, whole egg, beef liver and fish liver oils such as cod liver oil.

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Biotin or Vitamin B7

This is the most important and top vitamins to get rid of Vitamin D Deficiency Hair Loss. Biotin is one of the essentials vitamins for hair growth. This also ensures good hair health by preventing the occurrence of brittle hair. Biotin’s actually known as the “hair vitamin” or Vitamin H.

The supply of this important nutrient is crucial particularly. Due to the risks involved in its deficiency, even though rare. The deficiency of Biotin can directly lead to hair fall among many other conditions. Which is why, its role is essential for hair growth. Pregnant women are particularly at risk of suffering from a Biotin deficiency.

Thankfully, Biotin or Vitamin B7 easily supplied to the body in case of a deficiency through supplements. Among natural food sources, Swiss chard, liver, leafy green vegetables, peanuts are egg yolk are important. However, consuming avidin-containing egg white minimizes the effective biotin content from egg yolk in the body.


Niacin or B13

This is an essential nutrient that not only promotes good general health. But it is also critical to prevent the risk of some very dangerous diseases. Such as pandemic deficiency disease and cardiovascular diseases. Niacin helps in improving circulation. Which is why it is one of the vitamins, to get rid of Vitamin D Deficiency Hair Loss and make you hair grow strong and healthy. Niacin can be found in food sources. Such as liver, heart, kidney, chicken breast, beef, tuna, salmon, eggs, avocado, dates, tomato, leaf vegetables and nuts.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a rich antioxidant which works wonders to ensure good general health by regulating circulation throughout the body. This makes it an effective vitamin for hair growth as well since it facilitates good blood circulation to the scalp. Besides, Vitamin C deficiency can cause several diseases with an adverse effect in terms of cosmetics and it is also effective in improving hair health and getting rid of brittle hair. Vitamin C is found in natural food sources such as orange, lemon, tangerine, passion fruit, raw green cabbage, garlic, grape, apricot, plum, watermelon, red pepper, chili pepper, parsley and several other fruits.


Vitamin E

This Vitamin is a rich nutrient with probably the most antioxidant function in the body. This Vitamin plays a major part in cell growth and also helps improve blood circulation to the scalp, making it the right vitamin to make your hair grow through its rich nourishment. This is effective in controlling hair fall as well. The natural dietary sources are wheat germ oil, sunflower oil, palm oil, avocados, asparagus, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, mango papaya, tomato and nuts and nuts oil.


Vitamin A

Vitamin A is important in terms of hair growth because its adequate supply to the body ensures good hair health. Deficiency of Vitamin A can cause hyperkeratosis or white lumps at hair follicles, dry hair and even hair loss. This is why it is a vital vitamin to make your hair grow. Vitamin A is a natural food sources. This Vitamin found in beef, pork or chicken liver, carrot, broccoli, sweet potato, spinach, butter, apricot, spinach and pumpkin.



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